Mandela Day Community Outreach

By July 26, 2019 News

PSSA SG, GEH and SAAPI Celebrated Mandela Day Serving Our Local Trinity Community

By Judy Coates

The Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa Southern Gauteng Branch Office, Glenhove Events Hub and the SAAPI Executive Office celebrated Mandela Day by participating in the Soup Kitchen at Trinity Pharmacy serving the homeless of the Braamfontein area.  Trinity Pharmacy is a

The Soup Kitchen runs Monday to Thursday every week.  Donations of soup, sandwiches, crisps and fruit are always welcome.  Please Deanne Johnston for more details.

In close to 67 minutes nearly 100 homeless people flocked through the entrance of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, eager to receive a warm meal for the day.  The queue of people filtered through receiving delicious warm soup, bread, fruit, crisps and juice.  Those volunteering chatted and blessed the homeless as they moved down the queue.  A special surprise was included in the day as one of the volunteer’s was celebrating a birthday and brought cake for all to enjoy.  This brought great joy to all.

The PSSA SG Office would like to extend a word of thanks to Paul of Table of Honour for the kind donation of the soup for the day, in joining in the spirit of Mandela Day.

I know for myself personally, this was a blessing in my own life.  We go through day after day of being incredibly busy, trying to add value, and it is only when one stops to impact the lives of others in a real way that one really feels the sense of what adding value is all about.

PSSA SG and SAAPI will continue with the Trinity Blanket drive through July and August so your opportunity to make a difference has not been missed.

A word from the Team that served on the day

Godfrey, President SAAPI A soul cleansing experience and a reminder to appreciate the opportunities and privileges that one has in life.

Tammy, Executive SAAPI A very special opportunity to give back and make a small difference. A reminder of what is truly important and how blessed we are. Uplifting and heart-warming to see such gratitude, the happy faces of the children a staunch reminder that we take so many simple things for granted. Truly humbling and good for the soul!

Alison, Executive Assistant SAAPI For me it was a humbling experience. There but for the grace of God go I

Matthew, GEH What an incredible and humbling experience to be able to provide something so simple as a lunch to people in need. The joy and gratification on everyone’s faces will resonate with me forever. Thank you to all involved  for providing an avenue for this initiative and helping us make a difference on Mandela day.